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 County Trophies 

Posted by Gordon Sargeant on 07/03/2012 18:34:00 last updated 07/03/2012 18:34:00



Over the
past few years several of our County Tournament Trophies have gone missing.  I would like to remind people that in
accepting the Trophy and signing the book they are accepting responsibility for
the Trophy and need to return them the following year for the same shoot, if
anyone is unable to attend or pass on their Trophy, if they could E-Mail me on I will arrange for it to be picked
up or, somewhere local for you to drop it off. 
I don’t wish this to sound like a telling off because the vast majority of
Trophies are returned promptly and I would like to thank you all for that.  It is just we are doing a great injustice to
the generous people who have donated these trophies that are missing and it is
very disappointing for the Trophy winners who have to go home empty handed, so
can I appeal to all Archers to check their Trophy Cabinets and shelves for any
County Trophies that they have inadvertently forgotten about.

If anyone
maybe a business owner, Club, or just a generous Archer would like to donate a
trophy for our County Tournaments. Then could they get in touch with me on the
above E-Mail.  I am sure that the County
Archers would be very grateful.


gratefully   Gordon R Sargeant

County Tournament Secretary 


NameGordon Sargeant
Position/JobTournament Secretary

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